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Question: What is the main difference between the 500W, and 1000W models?

Answer: Power and Torque. The more watts you have, the better your cooler will handle extra weight, tow, and handle inclines. More watts will get you up to speed faster too.

Question: How much weight can the cooler handle?

Answer: General rules of thumb for optimal performance, rider and cargo, the 500W max around 200lbs, the 1000W max around 250lbs. Terrain is very important to performance as well. If you're mainly going down hill, it could probably handle more weight...if going mostly up hill, it might handle less weight. The frame itself can withstand a static load of 515lbs of weight because of its inner steel construction, doubtful it would drive anywhere with that weight.

Question: How many drinks can the cooler hold?

Answer: Twenty (20) 12 ounce cans comfortably with 10lbs of ice. If you need more room, hitch on a Coolagon and tow behind.

Question: How far can I drive it? or How long does the charge hold?

Answer: The most accurate way to estimate how long they last per charge is by total run time at full throttle. These units last about 1 Hour at full throttle. For most uses, you won't be at full throttle for long periods of time, so obviously the run time is longer than 1 hour. Terrain and the weight of cargo and rider will have a bearing on how much throttle time is used. More hills and more weight equals more time on the throttle. For an average sized load of 200lbs (rider and drinks) in a flat concrete parking lot, stop and go, many people get 3-6 hours from their units. To sum it up, it really depends on how it is used to calculate how far it will go or how long it will run. Trial and Error is the best gauge.

Question: How much do they weigh and can I fit them in the trunk of my car?

Answer: Empty, the 1000W is 95lbs, 500W is 75lbs, and the coolagon is 32lbs. They all fit into the majority (not all) of car trunks or back seats. The battery pack is an easy pull out style, so you can cut the weight approximately in half by pulling the battery out before transporting. It slides right back into place just as easy.

Question: Do they come assembled or is assembly required?

Answer: They are almost completely assembled. Initial setup out of the box takes about 15 minutes and is very simple.

Question: Are these legal to drive around town and could I get a ticket or DUI-DWI?

Answer: Depends where you live. It fits the definition of a "motorized vehicle", so in most municipalities you probably could get into trouble if you were driving drunk in public. When in doubt, it is safest to check with the local authorities before making any assumptions or taking any risks.

Question: Where is the gas unit that I've heard about?

Answer: The gas has been discontinued because the electric is much more popular.

Question: Can I drive these in sand, gravel, or grass?

Answer: No, in most cases. These units have a 1.5" ground clearance and were designed for hard flat surfaces.

Question: Do these come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes. Please visit our WARRANTY page for details.

Question: What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer: All 4 major credit cards. VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. This includes VISA or Mastercard DEBIT or CHECK cards too.

Question: Where and how do you ship?

Answer: We use UPS exclusively. UPS delivers everywhere in the USA except Post Office boxes and APOs.

Question: Did they really have a Cooler Scooter on the moon?

Answer: No, that was just a rumor.